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While the new site carries the Yahoo Small Business logo, Yahoo Small Business is actually located on its own separate site. Likely, this new directory will get linked into the promotion services that Yahoo Small Business offers.

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In September, Yahoo announced that the closure would happen, saying :. Yahoo also said the closure would happen on December Or not. Impact : Any attacker cand steal the Cookies and Yahoo! Hackerone staff response Reopened, Trigged, Fixed and good bounty paid by Yahoo team. Environment iPhone 6 — iOS v Mail app v4. After I commented that I got a new explotation vector, about 5 weeks to reopened and triaged the same day after some couple of hours. Mail iOS app via xml file. Mail iOS app is very weird and dangerous, the XSS stored shows up when you click any email attachment, per example, if you have 5 attachments, if you click any of them, the XSS shows up every single time no matters what attachment you opened Hackerone staff response Closed as informative well, then at this moment I need to find a way to prove myself that this can be explotable in pretty bad way, but nothing came to my mind so I just keep going with my life.

And each of the 18 employees was rewarded with a free vacation to Hawaii. Current employees also insist that the culture works in the other direction as well, that when a decision is needed from high up the food chain, Yahoo tries to move quickly.

You need to convince two people. One ex-employee reports that people still at the company grumble of months-long waits for required approvals on projects.

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But at least in mobile, which is a top-priority focus, Yahoo does seem to be moving fast. Helping the pace along is the fact that Mayer has successfully adapted her approach to design. When the company built its much-praised iPhone weather app, Mayer approved of some cool and unexpected tricks, such as pulling in Flickr photos showing conditions at local landmarks rather than simply reporting the meteorological numbers.

With Yahoo News Digest, Mayer helped refine the interface, which originally included boxes that automatically get checked off as users read stories.

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Mayer thought it made the app feel like homework, not a helpful source of information. Mayer agrees that Yahoo still must prove that it can launch new apps that can capture the imaginations of vast numbers of consumers.

Yahoo Directory Closes, Five Days Early

She even points to a category for Yahoo-watchers to keep tabs on: communications. When you look at Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail, and our legacy there, we have a lot of know-how. At one point during our interview, Mayer shows me Yahoo Mail on her personal iPhone. Its icons have been rejiggered recently, to make it easier for users to blast through their incoming messages without straining their thumbs.

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The Mail team made the adjustments based on aggregated, anonymous data about how people use the app, data that was collected by Flurry, which supplies analytics technology for mobile developers. An added bonus is that Flurry will help Yahoo measure its mobile success. The best thing about Flurry, as far as Yahoo is concerned, is the fact that its analytics are embedded in more than , mobile apps, built by hundreds and hundreds of developers.

Consider this: People spent 2. With Flurry, Yahoo has the potential of getting a cut of the ads served during those millions of hours, reaping money from customers who may never use a Yahoo app. Developers can add the entire suite to an app with about the same amount of effort it would have taken to incorporate Flurry alone in the past. If the app displays ads, Yahoo will get a share of the income. Whatever happens, the fact that Yahoo held a developer conference at all was a rite of passage.

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In the tech industry, such events are often as much about image-building as education. I was impressed. And we all knew it. That era will soon end.