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The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. You can register your home or mobile phone for free.
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You answered 0 out of 10 questions correctly. Brush up on this hot topic and try the quiz again. You chose not to answer this question. Correct Answer: A and B The National Do-Not-Call Registry is designed to allow consumers to stop unwanted telemarketing calls to their personal phone numbers, including home phones and cell phones. The Registry does not affect business-to-business calls. Correct Answer: Pre-empts less-restrictive state do-not-call rules.

Federal no-call rules cover both interstate and intrastate calls. They also pre-empt all less-restrictive state no-call rules.

Using the Do Not Call Registry to Protect Yourself

That means all state no-call laws that have exemptions protecting cold-calling activities of real estate professionals are no longer valid. States that have more restrictive state laws can still enforce the portions of their laws that are more restrictive than the federal law.

State Do No Call List -- What Other Ways Can You Stop Telemarketing?

Examples of more restrictive state laws that are still valid include calling-time restrictions and stricter time periods governing an established business relationship. How often is a business required to scrub its no-call list against the National Do-Not-Call Registry? Correct Answer: Once a month every 31 days Originally, the rules only required a business to check every 90 days in order to qualify for the safe harbor provision, which protects a business against penalty if they inadvertently call someone on the registry.

However, new rules which took effect on Jan. What kind of call is NOT exempt from the federal no-call rules?

Register for the Arkansas Do Not Call List

Correct Answer: Follow-up calls made to open house attendees. Political and charitable solicitations are exempt from the federal no-call rules. Surveys are also exempt, as long as they do not involve a solicitation. Organizations that are not-for-profit are not required to check the registry. This means that survey companies, charities, and political organizations are still allowed to call you.

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Companies you have purchased something from can still call you, and if you have made a payment to a company within the last 18 months, that company is permitted to call you, as well. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, most businesses cannot contact you on your cell phone with telemarketing messages that are pre recorded — otherwise known as robocalls — unless you have provided your signed written permission.

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However, informational and political robocalls are allowed. If a certain phone number continues to pester you with phone calls, you can try using call blocking. Because the majority of unwanted calls that people receive are violations of the TCPA law, you could visit the FCC website and submit a complaint.

TCPA Robocall Lawsuits | Suing Telemarketers | Morgan & Morgan

You can also file a complaint by:. When all else fails, you could obtain an experienced TCPA lawyer and take the company that is violating your rights to court. This means that every phone call you received is worth:. If you sign up for free product offers, sweepstakes, or enter your phone number anywhere online, you are providing permission for companies to contact you.

Always pay attention to the fine print and refrain from giving your phone number out if it is not necessary. This can help to ensure that you are not pestered with unwanted calls in the future.

gatsbybuild.co.uk/map14.php They are often scammers that are trying to take advantage of the people on the other end of the phone. This is why it is crucial not to give any personal information to callers over the phone. The attorneys at Keogh Law, Ltd. Contact us today at for a free consultation.