Friendswood texas teenager arrested in robbery

FRIENDSWOOD, TX (KTRK) -- Three teens are in custody after a gas station was broken into and burglarized, police say. The burglary.
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Kathryn had her number changed. Each time Hadley did call, his parents and former wife dutifully reported it to the FBI, as they had been instructed. In Texas, Edwards began looking for a paper trail that would lead him to the identity of Richard Finley.

He had some success, if only coming up with discrepancies that made him even more suspicious, more sure that Finley was hiding something. The boy was born in , but had died two days later. With all of those, he could get a passport.

Edwards knew that Richard Glenn Finley had been created on Aug. Some days Edwards and other members of the Friendswood police would work the case. Sometimes, weeks would go by without anyone opening the folder. There were times, though, when the desire to find out the truth about Finley led the Friendswood police to try all manner of tactics. There was the period when police officers disguised themselves as trash collectors and spent hours sifting through the Finley garbage for some clue about him.

When they were finished, they routinely dumped the refuse in a park dumpster. One day a woman called Roxy and told her to stop dumping her garbage at the park. Roxy told her she was out of her mind. On the next collection day, Roxy was armed with a video camera, ready to film whoever was hauling the garbage away.

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While the trash collection appeared normal, both Roxy and Richard followed the garbage truck. When they rounded a corner, they saw a man digging through their trash bags.

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Roxy jumped out of the car to confront the man in front of her. Strangely, Richard drove away, leaving his wife alone. When the policeman was forced to identify himself, Roxy asked if either she or her husband were under investigation. The police scrambled for a cover story to circulate through the neighborhood. The most ready one was that the man who used to live next door to the Finleys was wanted for embezzlement.

They were going through the trash in hopes the man might have sent the Finleys a letter, telling them of his whereabouts. The darndest thing about that story, said Edwards, is that it was true. At one point, two people wanted for embezzlement were living side by side. Edwards held his breath and the house was staked out for the next 48 hours.

As luck would have it, he had been assigned the case of one Richard Finley. The DPS narcotics division had kept a file on Finley ever since he bought the Ferrari with cash, but the investigation had never really turned up anything. What do you know about this Richard Finley, Johnson asked Edwards. Johnson became one more law officer who was hooked on the man with the red Ferrari and, by then, the Alfa. Before it was over, they would be joined by the FBI, U.

United States Court of Appeals,Fifth Circuit.

Customs and the Federal Aviation Administration. The best she can remember is that it was an editor at a newspaper somewhere in the Midwest. So she got to work on the phone--finding out that it was Waterloo and other details. As it took shape, the case was obviously a good one for the show. It occurred to him that a wanted flyer might be timely, what with the show to be aired in early May. And so he requested that one be sent to every law enforcement agency in the country.

As usual, they discarded the idea. That was Saturday, April The wanted poster stared back at him.

It was the smiling face of Richard Finley. The arrest came that afternoon and the events since then have sped by quickly. Hadley put his hand through the small opening in the visiting room barrier. In Pearland and Friendswood, there are plenty of places to volunteer, with opportunities in animal care, community service, environmental care, family care, education and special needs.

Here are a list of nonprofits that accept volunteers. Four people shot dead in east Texas; suspect arrested Authorities arrested a suspect on suspicion of murder after four people were found shot to death in an east Texas apartment on Sunday, police said. Handy info for Friendwood residents in storm season As Friendswood residents count down the days to the end of hurricane season on Nov. January 04, Cheryl Hinneburg.

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