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The Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Marlin N. Gusman are responsible If you wish to provide medical information about an inmate, call the Medical.
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Smaller jails also are less costly, allowing more money to be spent on programming and facility improvements that can affect conditions. In New Orleans, system-mapping helped officials understand that, according to city law, arrests for certain misdemeanors were required but probably unnecessary. After changing city ordinances to allow citations for certain petty crimes, police began issuing court summonses instead of arresting people. In , the first year that police focused on citations in lieu of arrest, the New Orleans Police Department locked up nearly 10, fewer people than the previous year.

Following Hurricane Katrina when New Orleans was faced with the gargantuan task of rebuilding its jail, there was much debate about how large the new complex should be.

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The MacArthur initiative had not yet begun, but in , Mayor Mitch Landrieu formed a task force with a similar goal: determining how the jail beds should be used and, ultimately, what capacity made sense. For instance, healthcare is one area where complaints still persist.

When he was booked into the jail, he reported his two diabetes medications and the dosages, he says. He refused to take the alternative and instead had to cope with blood sugar that rose to high levels every day, all day for two weeks, he says. But a March 18 report found that compliance with a federal consent decree had decreased.

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Other threats to inmate safety remain unresolved as well. McCampbell testified that, initially, she was hopeful that a new jail would mean decreased violence. The reports have been bleak from the new jail building, which the sheriff dubbed the Orleans Justice Center. Last month, District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro announced support for a larger jail. What would happen, he asked then, if a rapist was arrested and the new, more efficient jail was full?

Yet today, Cannizzaro is an active participant in the ongoing MacArthur-funded reform process, which has continued and expanded the work that the task force began. Since the law allows 60 days to make charging decisions on felony charges and 45 days on misdemeanors, prosecutors would usually wait until the time was almost elapsed before making decisions on any case.

Ideally, a judge would only set bond for a defendant if he is a risk to public safety or if he is unlikely to make it to his next court date. To encourage judges to rely less on bonds, the criminal district court, with the help of Vera, set up a new pre-trial services program. Sometimes, getting people to show up in court is as simple as making phone calls to defendants on the day before a court date or instituting an automated phone-reminder system, which New Orleans now uses, Fishman says. These step-by-step local processes may seem slow.

But over time, they can drastically reduce jail populations. For instance, researchers have found that a drop in the New York state prison population can be largely attributed to work done to reduce jail populations in New York City. In Louisiana, an outcome like this would likely be appealing to newly elected Gov. John Bel Edwards, who is facing a massive state budget deficit. Our features are made possible with generous support from The Ford Foundation.

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Follow Katy. Cheryl Gerber is a freelance journalist and documentary photographer working in New Orleans, where she was born. During the past two decades, Cheryl has won several awards from the New Orleans Press Club for her work on social issues and news photography. Sign Up. How to Shrink a Jail By reducing sky-high incarceration rates, New Orleans could build safer, stronger communities.

Many OPP inmates are booked into jail on non-violent crimes. Sign up for our newsletter. No big deal.

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Rating Mixture About this rating. What's True After Hurricane Katrina, many inmates at OPP in New Orleans reported being stuck in cells flooded with chest-high water, and being left without food or water for days at a time while correctional officers were absent. What's Undetermined Whether several hundred inmates escaped, died, or "disappeared" during Hurricane Katrina, rather than remaining in custody but not being properly accounted for afterwards, is unknown.

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